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Casino Tech Flyers and Pitch Presentation – SenSen

BEVIN Creative were asked to complete a comprehensive presentation for Sensen’s Casino Tech Initiative. We also designed and supplied the printing service of their Casino Tech Flyers.

The Client

Sensen are world leaders in using real-time data from cameras and sensors to extract deep insights that are impossible to obtain from traditional data sources. Sensen provides security, monitoring and surveillance solutions across law enforcement, transport, gaming, retail, and transportation. Their solutions are currently expanding into other sectors including logistics, manufacturing, defence, mining, education, sports, and more.

The Brief

BEVIN Creative were asked to complete a series of assets that would assist Sensen sales people in the presentation of two products being offered to casinos, to improve security and loss prevention operations. One of these assets was a pitch presentation for a selection of casinos based in Las Vegas, America. We were instructed to read and digest all the supplied strategy material and in-depth content regarding the products on offer, and re-frame it in a way that was easy to understand manner. These assets could then be distributed to various casinos both nationally and internationally and were to be used as sales tools for presenting Sensen’s newest AI technologies and solutions within the gaming industry. 


The Deliverables

Two individual double sided flyers, each for a single product but part of the same suite of products, as well as a pitch presentation document in PowerPoint format with animations and transitions. Part of the deliverables was to clearly identify a brand for both products that aligned to the Sensen master brand but set the products up in their own right.  


What We Delivered

Visually exciting and clean documentation that felt high-tech and industry leading. It was important for us to strip everything back so that the content didn’t feel too heavy or hard to follow. We used strong imagery and thin line work to connect information and provide a level of detail throughout the flyers and presentation. We felt this lifted the documentation into a sophisticated state and provided a defined brand for each product and the overall suite of products offered by Sensen.


Moving Forward

The branding and styling was received with positive reviews and since has been implemented onto additional products that fall into the same suite of offerings, such as SenTRACK – which we also completed a comprehensive presentation of information that was received well by the client. 



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