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Mindful Earth Organics

A new brand and product amid the COVID-19 pandemic


“Extremely efficient, hassle free and to the point. We were really impressed.

We gave them such a tight deadline and every interaction was positive. It didn’t feel like we were asking too much. They turned around the brand in such a fast fashion, they were really helpful.

We really love it, it reflects everything we want it to reflect. It reflects us.

It’s so versatile and has brought on a lot of growth. We can use the brand to expand into other areas”

– Taryn [Mindful Earth Organics]

The Client

Located in the picturesque South West region, home to award winning wines and world class waves, Mindful Earth Organics is perfectly at home amongst the fresh, clean, country air of Margaret River. Mindful Earth Organics create natural plant-based sanitisers and cleaning products to keep us all safe from germs and other nasties while using what we’ve been provided from the earth.


The Brief

Mindful Earth Organics needed us to create and establish their brand, which extended to the printing of various labels for their entire product line. A brand that embodies their ethos and mission to provide farm direct products straight from the land to consumers that are mindful of the earth.

What We delivered

Due to the quick turnaround time, we were in constant contact with the client to ensure all artwork received timely approval for the printers. All while working around COVID-19 distancing restrictions, affecting both print times and delivery. However, with correct management, we were able to ensure the timely delivery of all the labels.


Moving Forward

The brand and packaging we have developed has been well received by Mindful Earth Organics and their customers. Since then we have continued to design labels for their new range of products and couldn’t be prouder of the outcome.

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