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Patrick Hollingworth

Redefining of corporate brand, digital identity and visual presence.


“I’ve been a client of BEVIN Creative’s for three years and have enjoyed working with Ben, Steve, Josh and the team. You only need to look at my awesome website to see the calibre of their work! These guys are some of the best in the business”

– Patrick Hollingworth

The Client

Patrick Hollingworth is a prominent motivational/ inspirational speaker within Perth, whom draws on his personal achievement of successfully carrying out an unguided climb of Mount Everest after many years of hard work and perseverance. Drawing upon his mountaineering experience, Patrick’s professional role as a business consultant further extends to include team building workshops and leadership development programs within his service offering.


The Brief

Our services were required to refresh Patrick’s existing brand, encompassing both his mountaineering and professional speaking and leadership programs. Following this, we were commissioned to carry out the following:
• Website design and code
• Digital strategy development and implementation (SEO and SEM)
• Corporate documentation design (e.g. 12 page brochure)

What We Delivered

We began with the redesign of the preexisting logo, stripping it down to its bare essentials prior to development of the new look. We were required to provide a stylised and simplistic ‘modern edge’, whilst maintaining particular elements of the existing brand, such as the typeface and use of the colour black within the logo. Upon gaining client approval on the new graphic, other branding elements were designed that flowed on to both digital and print media.

The biggest element of the rebrand was the comprehensive redesign of Patrick’s existing website. Development on this platform featured stylistic elements such as video capabilities and advanced scroll/ hover effects, ultimately creating an advanced design that cemented the clients brand. Working closely with the Patrick, a distinctive colour pallet was developed to distinguish the various service offerings, further assisting with ease of navigation (both digitally and on print collateral).

Print collateral included a carefully designed brochure, which was to be handed out after speaking engagements. To ensure continuity of brand image and identity, the colour pallet for the brochure was directly derived from the pallet of the re-developed website.


The Outcome

Our team provided an all-encompassing service, which included logo redesign, website modification, digital and print media collateral development, SEO and SEM, to ultimately deliver on the ‘rebranding’ objective.


Moving Forward

The BEVIN team is consistently working with the brands image, ensuring that it seamlessly evolves in line with the rapid success, expansion and diversification that the client is continually generating. We further monitor and offer reports on SEO and SEM (on a monthly basis), to continually provide recommendations for improvements based on findings, to further enhance the brands market presence.

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