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Big Fish Properties

The Development of Splash Apartments

The Client

Big Fish Properties is a relatively new property development company, founded and managed by industry specialists, whom have had extensive industry experience specialising in successful and high profile projects, with large multinational companies.

The Brief

The brief was to develop a prestigious brand for the apartment complex that would resonate with and further attract its key demographic. With an exclusive target market in mind, Big Fish Properties drew on our knowledge and expertise to gain insight into effective methods of targeting potential investors and buyers. This was to be achieved through a collaborative approach with our client, where active participation on their part would allow us to gain valuable insight into the desired business direction.

To Be Successful

We knew that the determinant of success would be in our ability to deliver a strategic plan that was central to the achievement of a prestigious, high-status brand that would have the capacity to attract the specific target market.

 Our Approach

With an increasingly saturated market, the competitive nature of apartment complex development required us to work closely with the client to clearly define the target market and subsequently tailor our strategic campaign to most effectively entice prospective buyers. Initially we outlined the point of difference, which was broken down into components of: signage; marketing (including plans for strategy, advertising, PR, SEO, SEM); 3D architectural renders; photography and drone footage (film and still photography); website design; and branding and collateral.

What we delivered

The plans and costings for the marketing initiatives were supplied to the client complete and ready for roll out. All 3D visuals, design, branding and website components were completed for dissemination to key stakeholders, including investors and the wider community at large.

Moving forward

Big Fish Properties were extremely impressed with the meticulous nature of the strategy, which has subsequently resulted in the company’s decision to engage BEVIN Creative’s services on a continual basis for high profile project developments across the Perth metropolitan area.


“I was exceptionally pleased with the manner in which the team at BEVIN Creative undertook the strategic development of our project. The 3D architectural renders that were created to replicate our vision with the apartment complex was worldclass, effectively bringing the concept to life. We look forward to utilising BEVIN Creative’s skills in our future development endeavors.”

– Bob Patterson [Director, Big Fish Properties]

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