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Goggling The Globe in VR

Imagine being able to visually immerse yourself within the Shakespearean era, using today’s cutting edge technology.

We’re not talking about going back to the future…
we’re talking about virtual reality.

As co-producers of the 2016 Shakespeare 400 Perth Festival alongside fellow co-producers Big Sky Entertainment we set out to modernise Shakespeare by providing a state-of-the-art virtual reality (VR) experience at the October festival finale event. Known as ‘The Virtual Experience’, punters were given the chance to step inside the world renowned Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, through the use of Samsung Oculus Gear virtual reality headsets.

2016 marked the 400-year anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, so we honoured the global milestone with large crowds of families, theatre fanatics and arts lovers, converging for a day of roving entertainment, theatre shows, market stalls, music and food.

The experience tied into the Shakespeare 400 Perth Festival vision of modernising Shakespeare in today’s society, due to Shakespeare himself being a world leader in creativity, a global influencer and a modern enthusiast who was well ahead of his time.


Click above to take a virtual tour of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

We were humbled by our story getting coverage in various local, national and international media publications including the Australian Energy Review (Page 26) and BUILD Magazine (Page 54). We were even fortunate enough to make the front page of the Western Suburbs Weekly October 2016 edition, as well as having a showcase article posted on the Shakespeare 400 Perth Festival blog prior to the festival finale. We also recently featured on the Corporate Livewire website with an article posing the question Virtual reality and William Shakespeare – what do they have in common?

We were so excited to bring this technology to the Shakespeare 400 Perth Festival Day. It was great watching people experiencing VR, some for the first time, with the experience also correlating with a worldwide milestone. This technology is the future and BEVIN Creative is proud to be at the forefront.”
– Benjamin Bott
BEVIN Creative CEO and brain-child of The Virtual Experience

Incorporating modern technology such as virtual reality into an event like the Shakespeare 400 Perth Festival Day, opens the door to a new era in live events. From an industry perspective, virtual reality headsets and systems have been under development since late 2012, with a multitude of investors eager to monopolise on the technology breakthrough.

In a recent Superdata report, industry growth figures have projected US$11.8 billion in worldwide revenue by 2017, with US$40.3 billion projected global revenue by the year 2020, indicating this kind of technology is more than a passing fad.

The virtual reality craze has also expanded into additional industries like the gaming, travel, drone and fitness industries, who all see promise in this state-of-the-art technology. Whether its virtual reality postcards giving you travel experiences (minus the suitcase and airfare), or fitness equipment that transforms your living room fitness machine into a river rowing challenge in a jungle gaming dimension, this innovative technology is one step closer to being a part of everyday, modern life.

With The Virtual Experience being so well received in such a public domain, it has emphasised society’s willingness to embrace new, affordable and relevant technological advancements.

Shakespeare never seemed so real.




Chatting Social with Glen


…it’s a topic of interest for so many companies of today. A modern business technique that can achieve fantastic reach and brand awareness for companies, and also one our newest services now being offered at BEVIN Creative.

We sat down with Glen Panarese, our new Manager of Marketing and Digital and in-house social media guru, to discuss the importance of social media for businesses of today.


Thanks for sitting with us today Glen. So, social media…what’s it all about?
Social media is one of the best ways of engaging with your current clients, as well as generating brand awareness and reach for attracting new clients. Customers of today are used to spending a great deal of time on social media so naturally this presents a great opportunity for brands to be present in this space. Social media is a much more personal way of communicating with audiences and can also be a great way to showcase your brand’s personality and identity.

Does every business need social media?
Every second Aussie now accesses social media every day, however only around 31% of Australian small/medium enterprises (SMEs) are active and operational on social media to cater to this crowd. In today’s modern business world, you really do need a social presence. However, this doesn’t mean getting onto each and every social media platform out there. It’s about choosing a select few platforms and doing them well.

Does social media advertising really work?
I wouldn’t be wearing the watch I have on if it wasn’t for social media. I wouldn’t have attended half of the music gigs I’ve gone to if it wasn’t for social media. I wouldn’t be following half of the brands I like if it wasn’t for social media. I would also have a lot more time on my hands if it wasn’t for social media…(sighs)

Does social media need to be a daily resource?
It depends entirely on the platform and depends on what you mean by “resourcing”. Monitoring and responding to comments can be 24/7 depending on your customer engagement, however publishing content needs more planning. For example, Facebook requires daily posts, LinkedIn pages can get away with weekly posts and writing/publishing articles on a blog can be done monthly. The challenge is consistency. I’ve seen many social media accounts fail because they haven’t been resourced regularly. That’s why it’s great to have a company who can manage this for you.


If I have a great website, do I really need social media?
Social media platforms present dynamic opportunities to showcase a brand’s personality, present updates, communicate news and offer promotions exclusive to followers interested in that brand. A website is purely a broadcast platform that generally doesn’t often change. You absolutely need both but they are not one in the same thing and hence should be used differently.

What’s the golden bullet of social media?
It’s all about engagement through the strategic and regular use of powerful and relevant content. It’s about choosing when to sell and when to have personality. It’s about learning what your followers like and constantly giving it to them to ensure your brand name is front and centre in their minds as often as possible. It’s also about making it “social” as it’s not called “social media” for nothing!

Is Facebook still the dominant force of social media?
It still is and I believe it will be for some time. It’s become a habit for us and a comfort zone for finding, sharing and creating content and has formed a big part of our lives. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 62.5% of the total Australian population has a Facebook account and more than 50% of our nation watch a video on Facebook each day. I’ve also read recently that we check our Facebook up to 14 times per day with a weekly usage of 8.5 hours on the site – that’s a full work day! That is why businesses need to be there.

Thanks for your time today Glen. Any final words?
Businesses are now leveraging the new online social media market place more than ever and if you’re not doing the same, you may be left behind. It’s my pleasure to provide social media management to companies in need so if that’s you, I welcome your call, email, post, message, tweet or any other form of communication.

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