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Flying the Nest

Date 27 May, 2014

Flying the Nest

Team BEVIN are spreading their wings and flying off for a quick little adventure in “Merry Ole” England.

There will be weddings, Meetings, Catch-ups and a hop skip and a jump into Europe for good measure.

We apologise in advance for the week that we will be away from the office (Friday 30 May to Friday 6 June) but you can be sure that upon our return our batteries will be fully charged, ready to plough full steam ahead with your work!

Our newest little BEVINITE, Kaleigh, unfortunately is stuck in our nest at home and we love her for it, as she will be manning the fort while we are gone.

If you have any requests that are urgent and cannot wait, please feel free to contact her on 0468 935 940

So, ciao for now and see y’all in a week.

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