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Amber Doust
Amber Doust
Graphic & Digital Designer

Amber has a love for design and anything creative for as long as she can remember. All through school she studied fashion design, art, photography, and media. However, it wasn’t until she started creative advertising and graphic design at Curtin University that she says she “found my true passion”.

She further refined her skills at Central TAFE, by adding branding, packaging and illustration to her repertoire of essential deliverables. She captured our collective BEVIN eye with her unbelievable illustration of a Porsche, completely modeled and coloured in illustrator (it is well worth a view).

Amber just loves being fit and is a qualified a personal trainer. She is a pleasure to have in the office and brings a bright spark (as well as quick delivery) to all things she undertakes. You can always expect a friendly and open smile when dealing with Amber.

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