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When people think branding they think logos and only logos. What they always forget is much greater than a logo, it’s the story behind the logo and how it came to be, the shapes, the colours and more.

It’s what makes the 3 stripes synonymous to Adidas, a partially eaten apple forever linked to Apple or the golden arches embalmed for eternity as McDonald’s.

Today, the playing field has grown greatly, becoming multifaceted and multidimensional.

We love branding and we thrive off seeing a logo and brand evolve to encapsulate what our clients dream their brand would be. If you are looking for quality designers to create a logo of distinction, we would love to be involced.

Towards the bottom of this page is a large range of logos we have successfully created and even launched for our clients.

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A brand is more than just a logo… it is a whole lot more!

At BEVIN, we aim to create brands that leave a lasting impression with stakeholder groups. This is achieved through engaging, considered design as well as brand consistency, continuity and clarity.

In order to build an impressionable and strong brand, we clearly ask that our clients define in the preliminary workshop/ briefing stage whether they desire a brand that will last the test of time or alternatively a brand that has the flexibility to warrant growth in line with your organisation.

Transforming verbally communicated concepts into a visual communication device takes skill and flair. Brand management is something the professional team at BEVIN Creative excel at.

Once your brand is created, it needs to be monitored and managed to ensure the parameters and guidelines outlined in the creation stage are being adhered to. As difficult as this is, it is imperative to ensure the brand is not losing potency and that it is remaining the focal point. This requires a strong brand manager with a strong team.

Contact us if you would like experienced brand managers to help you develop, maintain and grow your company brand.

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