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Floor Plans

Whilst floor plans are a popular and highly accurate reference tool, they can often be viewed as clinical and static, as opposed to portraying the mood and depth of a property. This is where 3D render (as indicated) can encapsulate a deeper level of perspective, clarity and understanding for your project, through detailed and realistic illustrations.

2D Floor Plans

BEVIN creative provides high quality 2D floor plans to match any property spec. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our accuracy of delivery, obtained through years of experience within the property sector.

3D Aerial Floor Plans

If you wish to take your floor plans to the next level, our team of highly specialised experts can supply you with a realistic 3D aerial floor plan which provides a further dimension of clarity to fully immerse yourself in the property.

3D Perspective Floor Plans





Additional to our angled 3D floor plans, we also provide a bird’s eye aerial view. This adds am additional layer of depth and detail, ideal for multiple story properties.

3D Angled Floor Plans

This angled view can provide an additional layer of 3D floor plans, which showcase more detail when it comes to angles, perspective and finishes within the property.

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