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What's included in our basic website maintenance package?

While your website is hard at working for you…

we’re constantly working away in the background to ensure your website is humming along.

What’s included?


Every Saturday we update the WordPress Core and any Plugins that have updates.


We utilise uptime monitoring via Uptime Robot that checks your site every five minutes. If the site is down we receive an SMS and email and follow these up to see what the problem is.


Automated scheduled security checks detect any malware or infections so we can act on them immediately. We also include a WordFence Premium license as part of your plan.


We utilise a specialist firewall plugin which optimised to deter or prevent cyber-attacks by default. Please note there are further more fine-grained options available to keep out more persistent activity.
(contact us for more details).


We take daily backups of the WordPress database and files. The backups are stored by ManageWP and can also be backed up to your Dropbox or Google Drive account as an additional option.


If a WordPress core or plugin update breaks your theme in any way, the first thing we do is roll-back to a previous backup (see restore below). If requested we can even provide you with a report on the problem, what it would entail to fix it and also a price to fix it. We will not proceed without your approval and authorisation.

Restoring a backup

If your website is on our maintenance plan, at any time BEVIN can manually restore to a previously stored backup point. A couple of things to note, however; activating a restore backup point is not part of the Basic Maintenance Package, and there is a limit to how far back we can restore to. Just have peace of mind this can be used if your site is ever hacked or has picked up some malware.

Additionally, we can also use a restore point if a Plugin update breaks your site in any way.

Special Note

Inherently within all BEVIN Maintenance packages, comes a base level of Warranty. This Warranty includes BEVIN helping fix any unexpected glitches which may appear from time to time. Not all glitches will be included in the Warranty. If glitches happen to display on your site, we will review the glitch and inform if the fixing will be included in the maintenance package. If not included, additional charges will apply

If any party outside of the BEVIN team accesses the source code, plugins and/or other CMS operational areas within a BEVIN maintained or built site, then the maintenance warranty is instantly voided. All additional services and work will be charged at the BEVIN hourly rate.