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3D Visualisation


bevin creative – Aerialux – 22 South West 12.jpg


Aerialux - New York

BEVIN had the pleasure of working with Aerialux (New York) to create a new brand and 3D animated video for the new property development at 22 South West. Due to the difference in time zone, it was integral we worked closely with the client to develop clear processes and project guidelines to allow our dedicated team to achieve the Aerialux vision.

bevin creative – Aerialux – 22 South West 16.jpg


We were briefed to bring 22 South West, New York to life with outstanding precision, integrity, and visual naturalism. The project started with the brand for 22 South West and features a fully modeled and 3D rendered video showcasing the exterior and the interior of the building. One critical deliverable was to communicate a community atmosphere, which we achieved by articulating the open-air top floor veranda and lounge with people enjoying the view.

a chalenge

A testament to BEVIN’s level of detail for this project was the creation of the 3D train and station, which was diligently modeled over 3 weeks, using pdf designs sourced online. This is an exact replica of the train that passes by 22 South West. The only ‘real’ footage used in the entire video is the city skyline, captured locally by drone at the precise height of the balcony, which was integrated into the various vistas relevant in the animation.

bevin creative – Aerialux – 22 South West 13.jpg
22 South west is a beautiful modern 17 story building just 18 minutes from mid-town Manhattan, with Amazing views of Manhattan Skyline and Hudson River.