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You can have your cake & watch it to!

Date 18 October, 2013

You can have your cake & watch it to!

Our friends at Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company have a new show starting on Thursday 24th October and they are inviting all to come and experience.

The Cake Man is an absurd examination of white imperialism from a black point of view, Robert J. Merritt’s ground-breaking play kicked off a renaissance of art and performance that laid the foundations of contemporary Aboriginal theatre. Everybody is waiting for The Cake Man…

A family is doing what they have to do to survive on a 1970’s Aboriginal mission in a prescribed, white world. Tucked away inside this account of life are the roots of despair and the beautiful means of overcoming it.

Yirra Yaakin are teaming up with Sydney’s Belvoir Street Theatre to give this forgotten gem its WA premiere. Robert J. Merritt, an inmate of Long Bay, watched his first opening night under police guard. The Cake Man is his real testimony, and from this legacy Black theatre was born. Kyle J. Morrison, leads an all-star cast representing the next generation of black theatre makers.

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