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Anti-Fuel Theft
Solution Campaign




Sensen provides security, monitoring and surveillance solutions

Sensen are world leaders in using real-time data from cameras and sensors to extract deep insights that are impossible to obtain from traditional data sources. Sensen provides security, monitoring and surveillance solutions across law enforcement, transport, gaming, retail, and transportation. Their solutions are currently expanding into other sectors including logistics, manufacturing, defence, mining, education, sports, and more.

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Scancam and Sensen

One of the largest ongoing briefs we have had for Sensen since starting to work with them has been the integration of Scancam as a standalone business, to a wider solution offered by Sensen Networks, and how that will be represented in the marketing and sales tools moving forward. We were asked to transition the brand of the existing Scancam Anti-Fuel Theft Solution framework over to the Sensen brand, which mostly included font and colour changes across all the documentation related to the solution that was now to be offered as a key product by Sensen to national and international fuel retailers. 

Our initial brief was just to shift the existing flyer document, however following the transition, the request for more assets continued to come through as you can see through the visuals represented here. As part of the project we were also asked to create a co-branded business card for Sensen’s WA BDM for Scancam, Tom Adams.


The Deliverables

To provide clear and simple visual representations of how the scancam product works, and producing this information into various assets such as flyers, mousepads, pull up banners, online graphics and more. 

To be Successful

The key drive for this project was to ensure the information and instructions for the product were clear and easy to follow for any potential clients that would be interested in coming on board with the solution. The client wanted the visuals of the existing flyers to remain as key elements for strength in explaining the stages of implementation and how the product works in day to day operations for fuel retailers. 


Our approach

Ensuring we met all the requirements for the client, we were able to maintain the detailed styling for new camera that were to be introduced as part of the system’s compatibility. We intended to promote leads through new call to actions and using updated language that made the information simple and easy to understand.

What We Delivered

A comprehensive document template for application across various assets and platforms. A co-branded style that was consistent, thought through and versatile. A suite of sales and marketing tools, both printed and digitally available for Sensen to use and distribute to any potential retail client. 

Moving Forward

The suite of assets has been widely used and well received across the board, enabling sales teams to generate leads to Sensen’s dedicated website for Scancam and signing up multiple new clients to the Anti-Fuel Theft Solution. 

We also designed a postcard and organised a direct mail-out to 1700 of the largest fuel retailers to selected states in Australia (WA, SA, NT). the designincluded a custom QR code to assist in tracking leads and generating more business for Sensen through the dedicated Scancam landing page.

The success of this initial mail-out campaign lead to a second direct mail push to the remaining states in Australia (NSW, QLD, TAS, ACT).


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