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Behind The Curtain

Who We Are

BEVIN is a creative agency which focuses on shaping concepts into reality.

We produce innovative solutions in strategy, marketing / communication, branding, SEO / ad words, design, 3D visuals, website and photo / video production.

With the specific and unique requirements of each client, our team acts with determination and quality assurance to deliver vision, ideas, know-how and an outcome of the highest quality.  We pride ourselves on delivering quality resolutions for current and future needs.

BEVIN Creative brings together a professional and passionate team of creative people who are “simply the best at what they do”.

Our team is diverse, and comprises of a business director, creative director, marketing manager, graphic designers, web developers, a 2D / 3D animation team and online strategy and implementation specialists.

We have the flexibility to be involved at any stage of a project, or to manage whole projects from inception to completion – we love a challenge!

Insight Into Our Specialities

What We Do


We develop strategies that give our clients a sustainable competitive advantage.

Marketing / Communication

Delivering marketing and communication strategies to get maximum bang for our client’s promotional buck.


A collection of perceptions in the mind of consumers to build a strong identity.

SEO + AdWords

Optimising online presence and visibility in a saturated digital domain.


We believe in perfect ‘form and function’, this is integral in everything we design.

3D Visuals

Our world-class 3D Visual team uses state-of-the-art technologies in the generation of 2D and 3D visualisations.


In today’s digital age, the importance of a strong website is paramount.

Photo + Video

Imagery and videography that leaves a lasting impression.

Our Mission

What We Stand For

BEVIN Creative as individuals and as a company will always maintain integrity and honesty in all areas of the business.  We aim to always produce great creative solutions in design, marketing and consulting.

As a collective we will promise reliable, customer focused excellence in all areas of business and relationships.

We will always be responsive to change, and open to alternative new ideas and concepts. We will commit to deliver on what we promise.

We stand by what we say and do!

The Team

Benjamin Bott
Benjamin Bott
Director & Founder

Ben’s outstanding vitality for life and a desire to always reach for more makes him “The Boss” at BEVIN. His daily enthusiasm and upbeat nature provide the BEVIN Team with the fuel they need to work at their peak performance and capacity.

With over 20 years’ of experience in marketing, advertising, design, print media, and sales, his understanding and ability to bind the various creative fields together to deliver quality and fruitful projects is one of the key factors of why BEVIN Creative has grown to the company it is today.

His diverse skill set originating from project management and client liaison provides Ben with the much-required ability to facilitate and manage projects in order to provide clients with the best in customer service and creative fruition.

Sarah Berry
Sarah Berry
Creative & Graphic Specialist

Sarah is a passionate and creative designer that has been working in the industry for the past 15 years.
From the moment she could pick up a crayon, she fell in love with art and began applying herself to various creative activities, winning awards throughout her adolescence and building a portfolio of work that would see her design career take off.

Holding a Bachelor in Creative Industries, Sarah’s skillset expands beyond the reaches of simple graphic design and illustration. She has a clear understanding of brand positioning, advertising and storytelling across various channels of media, though her true joy is in the quality of her visual outputs.

Creativity runs deep in her veins and she has devoted her energy over the years to perfecting her craft and excelling in her industry roles, working on a vast range of projects, initiatives and well known brands nation-wide.

Ella Murphy
Ella Murphy
Project Manager

Ella has a background of artistry from a young age, drawing inspiration from nature and the sea where she spends most of her free time. Since graduating from Curtin University in 2013 with a Fine Arts degree, Ella has worked across various industries, allowing her to use her creative skills, as well as working with sales teams to help drive business through successful marketing.

Her experience working in the Government, corporate and the not-for-profit sectors, allows her insight across all levels of business and industry. Her variety and diverse skill set is why Ella is the linch pin for BEVIN internal and external communication. It is not just her experience in sales, marketing, website creation and population, social media and project management which endears her to us and our clients. It is her energised effervescence and positive attitude which stands her apart.

Leanne Aitken
Leanne Aitken
Senior Graphic & Digital Designer

Ever since she can remember, Leanne has been obsessed with all things artistic and creative, and as a child knew she wanted to go to art school. Spending all summer hand illustrating her folders for school, and often rewriting her school notes again at home so the penmanship would be perfect! This creative focus has seen her always searching for the perfect font for each project and brand.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Arts, specialising in Graphic Design, Leanne has work for a variety of organisations, from small design studios to bigger institutions, such as ING and ANZ. She particularly loved working on exciting nationwide campaigns with people like Billy Connolly and ANZ’s #equalfuture.

Leanne enjoys designing everything from small not-for-profit arty concepts right through to 100+ page annual reports. Although it is her custom design of brands and websites that are something to behold, they are beautiful.

“I love the attention to detail and that feeling when it all just comes together perfectly. Design is the silent ambassador of your brand. I feel extremely lucky to be doing a job I love.”

Cameron Whiting
Cameron Whiting
Digital & Motion Graphics Specialist

Cameron is a creative graphic and digital designer specialising in the world of motion design.

When it comes to BEVIN’s animated projects, Cam engages his technical and creative wizardry to produce the most amazing results for our clients! He has a double Bachelor of Arts degree under his belt, giving Cameron the drive and skills to tackle any aspect of the design process and therefore, exceeding our clients’ expectations.

He has even been asked to lecture our next generation of designers at Curtin University in-game/web design, special effects, and even architecture (Yes folks, He’s that good!). When realising he should probably relax from work, he enjoys jamming out to cryptic podcasts and music, experimenting with 3D software, and attends life drawing classes.

Natasha Skews
Natasha Skews
Social Media Specialist & Copywriter

Natasha is a new member of our team and is becoming extremely valued for her attention to detail and reliable approach to all things she carries out. With an acute understanding of the business landscape underpinning her skills, she is able to apply her knowledge to optimise and deliver a marketing strategy that speaks to your potential customers.

Tash is a highly qualified and well-rounded business professional, who prides herself on efficiently delivering the best outcomes for any project. She has a keen eye for detail, courtesy of her editing background, and is not shy about suggesting improvements to (or pointing out typos in!) your existing social content to elevate the impression your customers are left with. From editing and creating copy, to engaging with your social media contacts, Tash can take care of a number of the ‘touches’ you need to form a robust marketing strategy.

With years of experience in Social Media management, copywriting, content creation, technical writing, and editing, Tash is the ‘social hub’ of our team. This is one of the reasons we love her being our Social Media Specialist.

Amber Doust
Amber Doust
Graphic & Digital Designer

Amber has a love for design and anything creative for as long as she can remember. All through school she studied fashion design, art, photography, and media. However, it wasn’t until she started creative advertising and graphic design at Curtin University that she says she “found my true passion”.

She further refined her skills at Central TAFE, by adding branding, packaging and illustration to her repertoire of essential deliverables. She captured our collective BEVIN eye with her unbelievable illustration of a Porsche, completely modeled and coloured in illustrator (it is well worth a view).

Amber just loves being fit and is a qualified a personal trainer. She is a pleasure to have in the office and brings a bright spark (as well as quick delivery) to all things she undertakes. You can always expect a friendly and open smile when dealing with Amber.

Rachael Bott
Rachael Bott
Accounts & Administration

Rachael is a woman of many varied interests, talents and strengths. Best known for being ‘super organised’ – Rachael has the grand task of ensuring the BEVIN office and accounts are on track and in order.

Rachael trained and worked as a professional dancer for many years, until the boss at BEVIN ensnared her amazing skills and attention to detail to help keep the BEVIN ship on an even keel.

When not busy keeping the BEVIN office organised Rachael can be found running her own business in dance education, attempting to be a super mum or armchair campaigning about the environment and sustainability.

Amanda Saunders
Amanda Saunders
Accounts & Bookkeeping

Amanda is BEVIN Creative’s irreplaceable, fast-paced, illustrious bookkeeper with a fantastic sense of humour that keeps us all on our toes.

With a Bachelor of Business in Economics and having managed complex administrative roles in numerous companies, Amanda easily handles the book-keeping responsibilities of BEVIN.

She loves the big outdoors, walking, running and going to live shows, but most importantly looking after 3 kids… well four children if you count Ben.

Gemma Bogue
Gemma Bogue
PR & Marketing Strategist

Known as a straight shooter, Gemma is cool in a crisis and highly discerning when it comes to navigating the corporate communications spectrum.

With over ten years’ experience agency side in Perth, Gemma is a rare PR generalist passionate about genuine communications. Drawing inspiration from people, travel, history and current affairs, she has always adored the written word but can get pretty feisty about grammar and syntax errors.

“What I really do for a living is tell stories. I love delving into the operations of an organisation and discovering that nugget of humanity – the brilliant work being done at a grassroots level – that nobody knows about but should.”

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