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Marketing & Strategy

Our Approach

Understanding you

We learn about your business and who you are to gain as much information as we can, including the key components, departments, services, product offerings and existing marketing endeavours and practices in place. We also ascertain your short and long-term aspirations so we can align our strategy to help you meet those goals.


We research the market opportunities and determine a positioning statement for your brand. From this research, we may find your brand requires a review or a transition to ensure you are evolving to how it should present.

SWOT analysis

We provide a comprehensive market analysis to determine your competitive position. This defines key internal and external factors, with a particular focus on the actions of your competitors in order to identify clear competitive advantages and disadvantages.


Now we have determined who your brand is and where it sits in the marketplace, we can develop strategies to drive your business forward to meet and exceed your goals. Within this stage we form a holistic plan that provides clear strategies that align with your goals as an organisation.


Following our comprehensive research and planning, we implement the proposed strategic campaigns in execution of your business objectives. At this point, we effectively connect you with your target market.

Contact point collection

Capturing or collection of touch points is of the highest importance. We are also mindful of tracking (where possible) where, how and when these touch points occurred, not to mention following up every communication occurrence.

Measuring and Track

Measuring the effectiveness of the strategies, plans, campaigns and sales processes are critical for development of future growth potential. We believe it is imperative to focus on the shortcomings, to ensure all weaknesses as well as strengths are identified.


Transparency and Collaboration

We prioritise a collaborative approach with our clients, ensuring we continually meet the expectations of service delivery over the duration of our work. We pride ourselves on our mindful approach to customer service, which we believe differentiates our services from those of our competitors.



Getting into their ears

We value the need for effective and efficient communication between our clients and their stakeholder groups.

We engage tools of public relations (PR) in our service offering, to ensure our clients successfully engage in active two-way communication. We acknowledge the need for an integrated approach to PR, utilising both traditional and new media platforms to diversify our ability to cater to client needs.

Whether the objective of communication is to increase stakeholder awareness, open up lines of communication or diffuse imminent issues through crisis communication, we cater to a range of needs.

Our diverse offering in this realm is inclusive of social media, whereby we offer this form of communication to our clients where relevant. We determine the most effective platforms of use depending on your business and further establish these pages with the option for continual updates. Our knowledge of this field ensures that our clients go beyond simply ‘existing’ amongst a sea of competitors, to instead having a strong, strategic and unrivalled presence.


Effective Communication

When it comes to effectively communicating your brand through the power of text, this can often become a challenge. Considerations on wording, tone, detail and flow can all affect the readability of a document, whether it’s online or in print.

This is where we can help

Our copywriting experience and skills have been formed through years of collaborative work with clients across a range of industries. We enjoy the process and challenge of communication and we enjoy working with clients to ensure their online and print messaging is clearly delivered to their target audience. We do this in a way that stands out, in a way that generates results.

The right text for the right platform

The way text is written will vary depending on the platform it is used on. We understand the how your message should be framed, be it a snappy advertising line to capture the world’s forever shortening attention spans, or website content conveying a deeper message about your brand. We have the expertise to provide well planned, tightly written copy that meets your brief.

The pen is mightier than the sword

Across all mediums, we deliver copy that clearly communicates your brand and where it sits in the marketplace. The wording you use can impact how you appear in your target markets search, we deeply consider how your content affects SEO and how it ties into your overall marketing objectives.

What do we provide

  • Online copywriting services

    • Website copy
    • SEO copywriting
    • Blog articles
    • Social media content
    • E-newsletters
    • Banner advertising
    • Staff biographies
    • Proofreading/editing

  • Offline copywriting services

    • Brochure copy
    • Advertising copy
    • Award submissions
    • Newsletter articles
    • Internal communications
    • Business documentation
    • Staff biographies
    • Proofreading/editing

Case studies


An Organisational

Yirra Yaakin is one of Australia’s leading Aboriginal performing arts organisations, showcasing award-winning theatre productions that actively promote the Indigenous culture.


Redefining of corporate brand, digital identity
and visual presence

BEVIN Creative worked with Patrick Hollinhworth to accomplish a seamless brand transition, through digital and print strategy development.




Director & Founder


Director & Founder

I am driven to create a world which is more peaceful, beautiful, understanding and culturally aware.

About Benjamin

His daily enthusiasm and upbeat nature provide the BEVIN Team with the fuel they need to work at their peak performance and capacity.

With over 20 years’ of experience in marketing, advertising, design, print media, and sales, his understanding and ability to bind the various creative fields together to deliver quality and fruitful projects is one of the key factors of why BEVIN Creative has grown to the company it is today.

His diverse skill set originating from project management and client liaison provides Ben with the much-required ability to facilitate and manage projects in order to provide clients with the best in customer service and creative fruition.

Ben’s outstanding vitality for life and a desire to always reach for more makes him “The Boss” at BEVIN.



Creative Director


Creative Director

Sarah is a passionate and creative designer that has been working in the industry for the past 20 years.

About Sarah

From the moment she could pick up a crayon, she fell in love with art and began applying herself to various creative activities, winning awards throughout her adolescence and building a portfolio of work that would see her design career take off.

Holding a Bachelor in Creative Industries, Sarah’s skillset expands beyond the reaches of simple graphic design and illustration. She has a clear understanding of brand positioning, advertising and storytelling across various channels of media, though her true joy is in the quality of her visual outputs.

Creativity runs deep in her veins and she has devoted her energy over the years to perfecting her craft and excelling in her industry roles, working on a vast range of projects, initiatives and well known brands nation-wide.



Marketing Coordinator


Marketing Coordinator

Georgia has a love for all things marketing, with a particular penchant for marketing in the digital and social media realms.

About Georgia

Her studies at Notre Dame University, have lead her on the path to mastering Marketing, PR and Media Communications. Georgia is such a welcoming, warm and friendly professional with an extreme enthusiastic drive for the creative industry.

Although she is our youngest member, her quick mind, focus and reliability has seriously set her apart. There is also a very cheeky young women in there, so be careful with what you say as she is quick with her quips.

Rach2023 Pref


Accounts Manager


Accounts Manager

Rachael is a woman of many varied interests, talents and strengths.

About Rachael

Best known for being ‘super organised’ – Rachael has the grand task of ensuring the BEVIN office and accounts are on track and in order.

Rachael trained and worked as a professional dancer for many years, until the boss at BEVIN ensnared her amazing skills and attention to detail to help keep the BEVIN ship on an even keel.

When not busy keeping the BEVIN office organised Rachael can be found running her own business in dance education, attempting to be a super mum or armchair campaigning about the environment and sustainability.



UX & Web Designer


UX & Web Designer

Andrea’s background shows a wide range of creative projects with experience in digital and print design. She loves getting to know her clients, shaping ideas into design concepts and exceeding their expectations.

About Andrea

Her expertise lies in graphic design, web design, UX and photography. She is rarely seen without her drone or camera in hand, with a love for WA nature and wildlife.

Born in Norway, Andrea moved to the UK to complete her Bachelor Degree. While taking an exchange year in Perth she felt an instant connection to the culture and lifestyle, inspiring her to move here permanently in 2019.

Andrea brings a fresh dynamic to BEVIN, with her independent nature, ability to think on her feet and adapt to new challenges.



Social Media Manager


Social Media Manager

Selene is a talented and professional Graphic Design and Illustrator who is passionate about creativity and artistic expression.

About Selene

Originally from Argentina, her nomadic lifestyle has taken her to different countries to live and work, exposing her to different cultures and languages. Selene has the acquired the skill of learning the unique expressions of each place and culture, building a broad and enriched vision of creative and visual language – which makes for a perfect specialist in Social Media.

Selene’s ability to understand a client and get into the listening of their customers, empowers her to produce engaging visual communications for our client’s platforms, building them an unwavering audience.

With passion and enthusiasm, she dives into every project, determined to turn it into magic.



Digital & Motion Graphics Specialist


Digital & Motion Graphics Specialist

Cameron is a creative graphic and digital designer specialising in the world of motion design

About Cameron

When it comes to BEVIN’s animated projects, Cam engages his technical and creative wizardry to produce the most amazing results for our clients! He has a double Bachelor of Arts degree under his belt, giving Cameron the drive and skills to tackle any aspect of the design process and therefore, exceeding our clients’ expectations.

He has even been asked to lecture our next generation of designers at Curtin University in-game/web design, special effects, and even architecture (Yes folks, He’s that good!). When realising he should probably relax from work, he enjoys jamming out to cryptic podcasts and music, experimenting with 3D software, and attends life drawing classes.



Senior Graphic & Digital Designer


Senior Graphic & Digital Designer

“I love the attention to detail and that feeling when it all just comes together perfectly. Design is the silent ambassador of your brand. I feel extremely lucky to be doing a job I love”

About Leanne

Ever since she can remember, Leanne has been obsessed with all things artistic and creative, and as a child knew she wanted to go to art school. Spending all summer hand illustrating her folders for school, and often rewriting her school notes again at home so the penmanship would be perfect! This creative focus has seen her always searching for the perfect font for each project and brand.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Arts, specialising in Graphic Design, Leanne has work for a variety of organisations, from small design studios to bigger institutions, such as ING and ANZ. She particularly loved working on exciting nationwide campaigns with people like Billy Connolly and ANZ’s #equalfuture.

Leanne enjoys designing everything from small not-for-profit arty concepts right through to 100+ page annual reports. Although it is her custom design of brands and websites that are something to behold, they are beautiful.