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HUG- Honeywell Users Group Asia-Pacific Conference and Exhibition.


“Your support of our conference cannot be understated – without your support and complementary skills it would not have been the success it was. The anecdotal feedback on the dynamics and overall feel of the demo room have been very positive. Thanks to Greg and the professional team for a trouble free build, operation and bump out. The ceiling cable tray innovation was an outstanding success and allowed us to position our demo pods almost anywhere within the room. The banners, posters and branding artwork design were also critically complimentary aspects of the room. The registration desk was a big hit with the ladies. I very much look forward to working with you both on future projects.”

– Greg Belcher [HUG National Manager, Honeywell Process Solutions]

The Client

Honeywell are a well-established, global organisation committed to inventing and manufacturing world-class technologies in response to the challenges instigated by universal macro trends. The organisation has an extensive product and service offering, in areas ranging from consumer and home to aerospace and defence.

The brief

Honeywell engaged our services to design, construct, install and decommission the exhibition room and all surrounding complexities, for the annual Honeywell User Group Conference and Exhibition 2014 (HUG). The strictly invite-only event provides a platform to showcase Honeywell’s products, services and innovations to suppliers, distributors, clients and other relevant stakeholder groups.


What we delivered

We were able to effectively and efficiently deliver an entirely customised exhibition experience, utilising impressive technologies and a faultless approach logistically to operation, ultimately creating a guided and engaging user experience. In order to track attendance and traffic flow across the entirety of the elaborate exhibition, in-display stands with integration of Honeywell technology ‘swipe in access’ were installed at entrance points within the venue. This provided invaluable logistical information (particularly for security and occupational health and safety) for the organisation, used as live material to effectively manage the exhibition. A ‘collaboration station’ was installed utilising touch screen technology, cleverly concealing the demo room computer systems. Power was further delivered to every station through cleverly designed mounting mechanisms from the ceiling, with cords sleekly and ingeniously hidden.

High banner signage was meticulously designed in house, used as a feature point within the venue as it suspended prominently from the ceiling. Two large hard wall rooms were constructed within the exhibition room, used as a logistics operation centre and to discretely store equipment. As to not detract from the professional
aesthetic created, the erected walls were designed to be entirely campaign branded.

Moving forward

Immediately following the great success of the event, we were commissioned to continue the working relationship through involvement on the APPEA (Melbourne Exhibition Centre) and AQW event (Perth Exhibition Centre).

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