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Graphic Identity

Fresh Boost2019

Fresh Boost Coffee – Mockup 1


Fresh Boost

Fresh Boost is a commercial coffee machine sales and service specialists in Perth WA. Whether your business is a small office operation, large multi break-out corporation, café or regional mine site, Fresh Boost is your best source for solutions for commercial coffee machines in Perth Western Australia and Brisbane QLD.

Fresh Boost Coffee – Mockup


Capture the essence of coffee

We had the privilege of creating the captivating graphic identity for Fresh Boost. The centrepiece of this graphic identity is a crafted logo that captures the essence of coffee. Inspired by coffee seed, the logo features a sleek and elegant representation of this vital element. However, it doesn’t stop there – nestled within the coffee seed is a carefully crafted coffee shape, symbolising the deep connection to the world of coffee. This ingenious combination pays homage to the company’s role in the coffee industry, where they excel in both machine sales and dedicated service.

To evoke the aromatic qualities and richness of coffee, a dark brown colour was chosen as the primary hue for this graphic identity. This sophisticated and deep shade reflects the roasted coffee beans and embodies the company’s commitment to providing the finest coffee experiences.

The logo was meticulously crafted to strike the perfect balance between simplicity and visual impact. Its timeless design ensures easy recognition and adaptability across various platforms and materials.

With careful attention to detail, creative vision, and a deep understanding of the company’s objectives, we successfully crafted a graphic identity that captures the spirit of Fresh Boost. The logo’s coffee seed, with its captivating coffee shape, embodies their expertise, while the dark brown color scheme creates an atmosphere of indulgence and warmth.

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