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Kerbside Management
Pitch Presentation Deck





Sensen are world leaders in using real-time data from cameras and sensors to extract deep insights that are impossible to obtain from traditional data sources. Sensen provides security, monitoring and surveillance solutions across law enforcement, transport, gaming, retail, and transportation. Their solutions are currently expanding into other sectors including logistics, manufacturing, defence, mining, education, sports, and more.

BEVIN CREATIVE – Sensen Case Studie Pitching Desk


Kerbside Management Pitch Presentation Deck

BEVIN Creative were asked to complete a comprehensive presentation for retailers and shopping centres to assist in the sale and implementation of conceptual systems to identify, track and manage parking for the consumers.

The Deliverables

To provide a clean and simple, but informative presentation that ensures the message is clear and prompts interest for potential clients to sign up to the systems available. The presentation was required to be created in powerpoint format with animations and transitions to ensure a dynamic and engaging end result.

To be Successful

The key drive for this presentation was to ensure the viewers would understand the messaging and feel engaged from the very beginning and throughout the entire presentation. Sensen wanted to inspire their audience into thinking about their technology on offer and how it could potentially benefit their business into the future.

Our approach

What We Delivered

An animated presentation, with visually engaging imagery and clearly defined simplified messaging, designed to flow more like a video than a PowerPoint presentation. We wanted to minimise the need for clicking through slides so the audience could follow the animations and messaging to understand the premise of the presentation and its content.

moving forward

A new strategic growth area for the company, the Education Sector

The presentation was received exceptionally well by the project lead and their target audience. We have since been asked to complete several additional pitch presentations (utilising this base initial document), as well as various marketing and sales tools for other offerings at Sensen Networks, as you will see over the next few pages. 


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