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Probuild Melbourne


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One of Australia’s largest and most successful construction experts

Probuild is one of Australia’s largest and most successful construction experts, with exponential growth since introduction to the industry in 1987. With a comprehensive service offering in project delivery, construction planning and management, Probuild offers unrivalled expertise in its field. More specifically, Probuild Melbourne employs BEVIN Creative for all 3d animation and renders on a national scope.


Two cutting-edge videos to support the tender applications

It was our duty to produce two cutting-edge videos that demonstrated the key milestone staging of two projects, to support the tender applications for the construction and development of the complex. The two projects were running concurrently, with Probuild tendering for both. We attacked both projects equally with the objective of winning both, focusing on each individually.

Probuild had previously carried out all aspects of existing property development on the Chadstone complex, creating a twenty-seven-year relationship that was deep-rooted and elaborate. Due to the preexisting affiliation between the two parties, this redevelopment was ‘theirs to lose’. However, there was no room for complacency, as Probuild had to demonstrate their winning expertise that differentiated their vision above the competitive applicants vying for the project. As this was the case, it was of utmost importance that we delivered the highest quality solution on time and within the bounds of the allocated budget.


Working with Ben and the team at BEVIN Creative has been an extremely rewarding experience, particularly on challenging projects. It’s comforting to know they’ll work around the clock to meet our tight deadlines and the outcome is always an exciting video that captures everyone’s attention. BEVIN Creative has become an extension of the Probuild team and we look forward to working on more projects together in the future.
- Martina Tregoning [Marketing and New Business Coordinator]

To Be Successful

A collaborative approach

In order to be successful, we prioritised a collaborative approach with Probuild, ensuring that we understood and were able to clearly communicate their methodology of the build through the work we produced. Extending from this, it was vital to visually communicate to key stakeholders the factor of ‘minimal impact’, reassuring retailers and patrons that business would continue as usual.

It was crucial that the videos created a sense of opulence and prestige to accurately reflect the distinguishing standards of the high-quality shopping centre, as the redevelopment would transform Chadstone into the biggest shopping complex in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our Approach

A to video highlighted the capabilities

It was important to communicate two key factors within our work, being the extensive past experience of Probuild in the area of property development and the capacity to create world-class animation that details the vision for the development.

The video highlighted the capabilities of Probuild, with reference made to previous experience for clients beyond Chadstone. Particular focus was on the unique skill set of the client to work in a live environment, to emphasise the factor of ‘minimal impact’ to primary stakeholder groups, diffusing potential concerns in this area.

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What We Delivered

We delivered a four-minute video that incorporated; still photography of past projects with graphic enhancements; 3D architectural animation with fly around camera angles; an individually composed piece of music; and a project-specific professional voice over (studio-recorded and edited).

The Outcome

Probuild successfully acquired the commercial construction contracts for both the commercial construction and retail fit-out.

Moving Forward

Probuild successfully acquired the commercial construction contracts for both the commercial construction and retail fit-out.



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