BEVIN Creative had the pleasure of working with the students at St Mary’s to assist them in making their NAIDOC Week designs into a reality.

A selection of students were asked to illustrate a story using indigenous symbols and painting techniques to create a design that would be turned into a t-shirt for students to wear at school and events during NAIDOC week 2022.

Using the children’s sketches as a guide and inspiration, our team created a custom illustrated design that would be printed onto fabric and made into t-shirts using the dye sublimation printing process.

The Indigenous students at St Mary’s were tasked with conceiving a t-shirt design for the NAIDOC events, through stories, hand drawn illustrations and colouring exercises. This t-shirt would be worn by the students not only at the NAIDOC Week celebrations, but also at functions throughout the year. Their designs were collated and reviewed by a community elder for accuracy and then provided to us. We were requested to utilise the creative components and stories to bring to reality a T-shirt design which encapsulated their collective ideas and sketches.

The illustration provided by the students tells a journey in visual story format and flows around the t-shirt (continues front to back), with highlighted design elements on the sleeves. This meant that the pattern for the shirt would need to run continuously from seam to seam. The t-shirt also needed to feature the St Mary’s school logo and it’s placement has been made flexible to allow for various t-shirt sizing.

The finished design was a colourful and vibrant illustrated pattern that was visually striking, culturally appropriate and versatile. BEVIN suggested having the pattern made into a flag, which could be flown at the school throughout NAIDOC week celebrations. We also offered to manage the print production of the dye sublimated garments and flag on behalf of the client.

Client Testimonials

“I was telling Ben yesterday how much everyone here loves the shirt design. The girls were thrilled with it and the staff absolutely love it. I am so thrilled with it.”

– Julie Garnett, Indigenous Support Co-ordinator

“Check out St Mary’s Facebook page where there has been 3 different posts about our NAIDOC week….some pics have the girls in their shirts – they are fabulous!”.

– Julie Garnett, Indigenous Support Co-ordinator


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