The client’s internal design team did not have the capabilities required to evolve two industry leading brands into one and retain their strong market presence, so we were brought on board to take on the project, and we are pretty proud of what was achieved.

The goal was to develop a new brand that reflected the new entity, preventing confusion and building trust among their existing customers and community.

We worked on the brand identity with both companies in mind and understood their deep desire for the business to be about “bringing ideas to life through print and production”, inspiring a bright and visually dynamic brand.

We communicated with the board of Directors and other team members during the implementation phase to help them understand the journey of the brand transition, allowing staff to feel like they had input into the brand development and retained ownership of the new brand — a strategic move that was critical to improving the culture between both established company teams.

We made sure it was an easy transition with no downtime in business turnover. As a result, the process improved customer relations and streamlined their experience.

Published Articles

Image Magazine published an article about the company merger in April 2021, announcing the news to the industry and their plan to rebrand both companies into a new visual identity that would “represent [their] approach to bringing messages to life, visually through print, signage and digital solutions”.

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John Mancini, Managing Director of Jason Group and ExBo Visual also posted an online news anouncement following the completion of the project in September 2021, stating; “We hope you love it as much as we do.”