BEVIN Creative was engaged to assist IMDEX in implementing their new brand across a variety of applications, using a three staged approach. The first phase was to have some brand assets for the official launch of the new brand.

IMDEX had initially engaged another agency to complete this phase, however due to slow progress and a launch date creeping closer, the brand management team decided to jump ship and engage our services in order to meet their deadline.

We were provided a number of new brand assets and some marketing examples to assist in delivering the visual components required, and we completed the request with time to spare! IMDEX’s brand team was very pleased with the results and the launch went ahead as planned without a hitch. Hoorah!

This was a really fun project for us to work on, and we are currently working through phase two and three of the rest of IMDEX’s brand implementation project.

While BEVIN Creative had not been engaged to design the refresh of the IMDEX brand, we were given the opportunity to weigh in with our expertise early on in the process and ultimately became instrumental in the roll-out — supporting the project through the creation of assets that would sit under the new IMDEX style and direct the visual tone for the brand moving forward.

IMDEX had found that the initial concepts provided by a competitor agency required further work as they did not quite meet the creative brief and were not versitile enough for the company to use for various messaging and campaigns across a global team. There were also some issues with the supplied templated files, which had not been correctly set up within the software and would cause ongoing frustration when used by internal staff members.

As a result, we were engaged at the 11th hour to produce new conceptual and templated elements prior to the new brand launch, including assets for social media, EDMs and PowerPoint presentations. We delivered a variety of creative designs and functional templates that had every capacity to be flexible for corporate and creative use. The client was very pleased with the results and has since engaged us for the rest of the brand roll-out, encouraging us to take full creative license while implementing the next two phases.

Client Testiomials

“I wanted to check in and say, we could not have done this brand launch without you and your creative genius! I wanted you to personally know how much I valued your contribution in this process. It wasn’t easy but I am so thankful you helped us launch, and soon we will be coming to you with a BIG body of work through embedding these assets throughout the business. No easy feat! Just wanted to say thank you!”

– Nicolette Baker, Head of Strategic Makerting

“It all went incredibly well, all the creative was well received by the internal team and the feedback has been overwhelming positive. Thank you for your help – we couldn’t have delivered without you. And you identified and resolved a significant amount of issues, particularly with the PowerPoint presentations. [We] have loved working with you. Looking forward to being able to work with more lead times in the future. Thanks again.”

– Taryn Spooner, Brand & Marketing Consultant


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