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Moorditj Wirla
Performance Collateral

Yirra Yaakin2021

BEVIN CREATIVE – Yirra Yaakin – Moorditj Wirla


Performance Collateral

Moorditj Wirla (Strong Heart) is a series of educational workshops facilitated by Yirra Yaakin to challenge and expand students’ ideas and knowledge about First Nations people and culture through stories and truth telling.

Presented by First Nations Workshop Artists & Facilitators. the program is designed for years 8 – 12 drama students to teach and expand students theatre knowledge and performances skills through a First Nations perspective.

We were tasked with creating the visual identity and collateral designs for the program, including merchandise.

BEVIN CREATIVE – Yirra Yaakin – Moorditj Wirla – T Shirt Mockup


Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company

Yirra Yaakin, meaning ‘Stand Tall’ in Noongar language, is one of Australia’s leading Aboriginal performing arts organisations. They continue to produce award-winning, world-class theatre that is exciting, entertaining, educational, authentic and culturally appropriate.

The company has commissioned and premiered more than 50 new major festival presentations like Waltzing the Wilarra, One day in 67, Aliwah, Windmill Baby, Cruel Wild Woman, Hecate, The Sum of Us and Panawathi Girl. They have worked with and nurtured prestigious Aboriginal writers including David Milroy, Sally Morgan, Derek Nannup, Mitch Torres and Dallas Winmar, among many others.

The organisation is community driven, actively engaging in educational programs and youth workshops in a bid to encourage and further develop Indigenous Australian’s within the theatre industry.

Moorditj Wirla - Strong Heart - uses elements of Forum Theatre to empower young people to explore their definitions of culture and where they see themselves in a wider Australian cultural context.
- Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company