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A company division requiring a separate brand to the parent company.


“The team at Bevin competently delivered on the brief we gave them, creating a robust brand that gave expression to what we are. The colours and styles used suit the market in which we operate. The brand has a modern appeal, whilst expressing the confidence of an established brand.

We found BEVIN easy to work with, and responsive to our concerns throughout the process of creating the brand.”

– Michael Ray [General Manager – A-Fleet, Shermac Engineering]

The Client

Shermac Engineered Equipment Transitions is a company that specialises in the sale of custom service vehicles and machinery to the mining, civil and construction sectors in Australia. They wanted to expand their company from the sales arena, to also offer the option to hire out their equipment or sell older models.


The Brief

The brief from this client requested that this new department required an identity that would stand independently on its own and not necessarily rely on their parent brand. The company had previously registered a name for this division as Antexx, however based on our research and recommendation they acknowledged that this was now outdated and needed something new and more aligned to capture the primary market segment. A feasible solution was to name this new company, a-fleet.

What We Delivered

What resulted was a lowercase stylised font treatment, with highlighting colours for particular text focal features. Additionally, the icon followed a similar colour highlighting treatment with a folding and overlapping loosely stylised “A”. Throughout documentation with further highlighted the icon in a clear spot UV treatment on a white matt laminated background. This subtle focal aspect helped emphasise the innovative and modern nature of the business, whilst maintaining the corporate fleet mentality of the brand.

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